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2seater event with Ung Norge

Sunday we had a great event with Ung Norge at Lohavn in Oslo. For the first time in more than a decade Oslo could experience high speed in the city centre. Ung Norge and Strømøy Racing could deliver a thrilling day for youths less fortunate and our sponsors.

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  • 17 juni 2018 07:03 ❤ 178 likes

    I had a fun race with lots of passing! Had a difficult qualifying yesterday with engine issues, but ended 7th from 15th ...

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  • 16 juni 2018 07:06 ❤ 129 likes

    Frustating start of London GP for us. We’re struggeling with some technical issues and the guys are really working hard ...

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  • 16 juni 2018 08:09 ❤ 99 likes

    Watch @f1h2o live today💥#strømøyracing #teamemirates #f1marit #stromoyracing #f1h2o

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  • 15 juni 2018 08:04 ❤ 239 likes

    London GP is finally here. For real! Today we’ve been testing the tight and very long circuit. Now we’re finetuning some...

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  • 07 juni 2018 08:56 ❤ 135 likes

    What a day!! First I had a presentation and a small concert at Ullevål Stadion and then rushed down to Latter in Oslo fo...

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