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Strømøy Racing at Oslo Motorshow

Around 40 000 people visited Oslo Motorshow this weekend. Strømøy Racing was there representing our sponsor Enger & Hedlund.

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  • 25 mai 2020 08:28 ❤ 83 likes

    Reklame: Drop off er en keramisk lakkforsegling. Den brukes på biler for å bevare lakk og eventuelt folie, og tåler avfe...

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  • 26 april 2020 08:08 ❤ 216 likes

    With sun, good workouts, Nocco and positive thinking this week turned out to be very good👌🌞🏃🏼‍♀️Let’s go for a new o...

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  • 23 april 2020 07:10 ❤ 235 likes

    «I just woke up like this» 😜Picture by @johnandresamuelsen #f1marit #singerandracer #steømøyracing #band #music

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  • 13 april 2020 03:34 ❤ 238 likes

    Chief Mechanic Craig Bailey, Radioman Jean-Claude Goy, Mechanic Martin Ballaschk, Boatbuilder and Crewchief Andrea Colom...

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