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Strømøy Racing at Oslo Motorshow

Around 40 000 people visited Oslo Motorshow this weekend. Strømøy Racing was there representing our sponsor Enger & Hedlund.

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  • 22 mars 2020 08:47 ❤ 238 likes

    These are strange times with so many uncertainties ahead. More than ever it’s important to stay positive and do as you’r...

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  • 20 mars 2020 10:39 ❤ 195 likes

    Hårbånd, hårbøyler, spenner, belter, skjerf, sjal, hatter, bunadsklyper. @nomanorge har det meste. Jeg elsker disse wire...

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  • 16 mars 2020 12:20 ❤ 221 likes

    We have an exciting concert and gig plan coming up for the next months. Not sure what will happen, but I’m really lookin...

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  • 13 mars 2020 09:15 ❤ 71 likes

    Thank you Brankos Auto and Morten Danby for continuing to believe in us! We are honoured to represent such a proffession...

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  • 10 mars 2020 08:25 ❤ 78 likes

    Unfortunately the annual Boatexhibition Sjøen For Alle is cancelled due to the difficult situation. After rain comes the...

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